I’m Pam & I’m Ron…

Ron & Pam Anderson      

 Ordained Ministers                                                                                      Doctors of Naturopathic Ministry

Foundational principles for living well…


The mission of Ron and Pam, In Him Fellowship Church & Training Center, as well as New Horizons Natural Healthcare Center and/or other representatives, is:

  • To educate individuals on Foundational Principles of Living Well.
  • To provide an environment where individuals can learn and apply, Foundational Principles for Living Well for the mind…the body…and the Spirit.
  • To provide a basic framework upon which people can personalize the Foundational Principles for Living Well.

3 John 2 (Disciples’ Literal New Testament [DLNT])                                               Verse Topic:                                                                                                                       That you prospers in ALL things…just as your soul (spirit) prospers because you walk in the Truth of God Jehovah’s Word.                                      Ron & Pam’s earnest desire for you:                                                             Beloved Friend, we pray that with respect to all things you may prosper and be healthy, just as your soul is prospering.


As proactive supporters of, contributors to and as advocates of individuals’ right to choose the healthcare option(s) best suited for them and/or their families, it is Ron and Pam’s sincere quest to enable these individuals’ to reach their health goals, utilizing the healthcare options best suited for them and/or their families via education and consensus concerning all available options, which include:  Natural, Medical and Integrative (utilizing components offered within the realm of the natural health community and that found within the medical community).

Ron and Pam will work diligently to preserve your rights to:

  • The right to believe in and act solely upon Biblical precepts of healing (mind, body and spirit) for themselves and/or families.
  • The right to believe in and act solely upon natural health precepts of healing (mind and body) for themselves and/or families.
  • The right to believe in and act solely upon medical precepts of healing (mind and body) for themselves and/or families.
  • The right to believe in and act solely upon an integration of any and/or all of the above.




Ordained Minister; Doctor of Naturopathic Ministry (DNM); Master Herbalist (MH); Certified Nutritional Counselor (CNC); Certified Natural Health Professional (CNHP); Board Certified via American Medical Naturopathic Association (AMNA);


Ordained Minister; Doctor of  Naturopathic Ministry (DNM); Registered Nurse (RN); Certified Natural Health Professional (CNHP); member of American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA)

 How did Ron and Pam get to where they are today?

First and foremost, Ron and I found our places in the family of our beloved God Jehovah prior to meeting each other. Ron, at the tender age of 5, was led to our Beloved Lord Jesus, by his dad. I, at the age of 15, received the gift of salvation from my precious mentor, Maxie Reeder. As a result of this foundation, Ron and I met, dated/courted and eventually, married. It’s because of this foundation…that we endured hardships that were sure to come. But just as sure as hardships…this foundation…the foundation of the Word of God Jehovah…we kept faithful in our vows to love and care for one another…and those whom our beloved God Jehovah placed in our lives: Our children. Our “children of choice” (our sons’ spouses). Our grandchildren. The many family members we each brought into our marriage. Dear friends…”old” and “new.”

Ron and I were married on a dark and forbidding, stormy day in March, 1973. As my father, in his steel-gray suit and I, in my white, beaded, satin gown with its long, flowing, lacy veil, began our walk down the aisle ot the inspiring melody of “Here Comes the Bride”…frighteningly loud tornado sirens began their wailing. Thus, Dear Friend, you hve been introduced to mine and Ron’s exciting and delightfully endearing life journey!

Our family began with the much-anticipated birth of our delightful son, Timothy, in July 1974. Three years later, also in July, our adorable son, Jeffrey, was born. Tim and Jeff continue to bless our lives with an influx of never-boring activities, immeasurable love and abundant laughter. With the addition of time, “children of choice” were introduced into our family’s wild and crazy journey of life.  First, there was sweet Jennifer, Tim’s spouse. Next, came kindhearted Erick, Jeff’s spouse. Jen and Erick continue to bless us with their own unique blend of enduring devotion and loyalty. Happily, our family wasn’t finished. Eventually, Tim and Jen graced our family with two endearing grandsons/nephews, Kyle and Caleb.

Oh, how precious this life journey has been for both Ron and me. And just think…we, as children of the Most High God (God Jehovah), have been given his promise that our latter years will be more glorious than our former (Job 42:12). Ron and I are just beginning!

Six years after we were married, I graduated nursing school and passed the boards to work as a Registered Nurse. To this day, I continue to actively work in the field of nursing. Ron completed seminary requirements and licensed as a Minister with the Assemblies of God. Three years later, he was ordained. The privilege of ordination for me is rather recent, only within the past 10 years via an independent organization.

Ron & I began our studies into the field of naturopathy, approximately 20 years ago. Genesis 1 was the framework upon which our studies were formed.

God looked over everything he had made;
it was so good, so very good!
It was evening, it was morning—
                                                                  Day Six.                                                                     (Genesis 1:31, The Message)

His “Very good” included His “farmacy.”

As a result of our studies…Ron and I achieved the credentials of “Doctor of Naturopathic Ministry” as well as the other achievements listed earlier. We maintain their cutting-edge in our respective fields, by attending continuing-education sessions, yearly.

Ron and I travel extensively, sharing the goodness of our beloved God Jehovah. He says in his Word that his plans for us are good…plans to take care of us, not abandon us, plans to give us the future we hope for (Jeremiah 29:11, taken from The Message). We believe in the body’s innate God-given ability to heal itself–physically and psychologically, through the myriad systems God placed within it–when given an appropriate internal & external environment. We believe in your God-given & Constitutional right to choose which is the right healthcare option(s) for you and your families (outlined earlier). As Professional Consultants, it is our earnest desire to lay a foundation of living well principles…for the mind…the body…and the spirit…which you can build upon. Ron and I have successfully put into practice these same principles…we believe our corporate experiences, expertise and inspirational encouragement that we bring to the table, can empower you to achieve your goal of living well…in your mind…your body…and your spirit!

“Every writing which is written by The Spirit is profitable for teaching, for correction, for direction and for a course in righteousness…”                 (2nd Timothy 3:16, Aramaic Bible in Plain English)