Biblical Health Coach (or Health Coach) Certificate

Mine and Ron’s prayer for you is taken from 3 John 1:2…

Beloved, we pray that above all, you prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers.

What is that prayer saying?

That first and foremost, you achieve wholeness in your body, your mind and your spirit. That you live life with the knowledge you were bought with a high price—the life-blood of Jesus, the Sacrificial Lamb.

May God richly bless you, your family, your friends and your community as you embark on this learning experience—to complete the Biblical Health Coach (or if you prefer, Health Coach) 40-hour certificate program.

Defining Biblical Health Coach (or if you prefer, Health Coach):

Remember that the best athletes (and Biblical greats) in the world have or had coaches. Even Jesus went through a three-year preparation for his ultimate mission.

Some people may think they don’t need any help or accountability, but that can be a recipe for failure. Not only do the best athletes in the world have coaches, they recognize better than anyone else that they need coaches. They are always striving to learn more and to get better at what they do.

It is difficult to maintain a balanced view either of the situation or of our own capabilities all by ourselves. We need someone to help us who is informed and trained in the area in which we are seeking excellence. That is what a Biblical health coach provides.

We will not consistently outperform our training. In other words, we need to train in the same way we expect to perform. Biblical health coaches can help us to reach our God-given health potential. Without their leadership, the potential to reach optimal health would diminish.

  1. A Biblical health and wellness coach motivates, provides support, stretches knowledge about Biblical health and applications thereof, and helps individuals build the foundation for a lifetime of wellness.
  2. A Biblical health and wellness coach shines a light on the weaknesses in nutrition and lifestyle and helps individuals find their way through health challenges.
  3. A Biblical health and wellness coach is a mentor, leading by example. He or she is godly, a good steward of what God has given him/her; active or leading in his/her local church; is self-disciplined, physically active, eats health-giving foods, and makes day-to-day, consistently healthy (and honorable) nutrition and lifestyle choices.
  4. A Biblical health and wellness coach seeks to offer the best that he/she is to the Lord and, while not being perfect, is pursuing excellence in being a good steward of what God has entrusted him/her with. He/she is a role model who helps to guide others along the path to holistic healthy living.
  5. A Biblical health coach can be a family member, a church family member or leader, a friend, a neighbor, a business associate or colleague, or a doctor. (The word doctor literally means “teacher.” The word doctor is taken from the word “docere”—which means to teach.)

Generally, wellness coaches take an active role in maintaining health and can help pinpoint areas in diet and lifestyle that need to be modified, while helping to develop a strategy to overcome obstacles to health. If people are already in good health, a wellness coach can help individuals reach a high level of wellness and teach them how to best prevent disease.

The Biblical Health Coach (or Health Coach) program is under construction. Please check again. Thank you.

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