They say that youth is wasted on the young, but now it doesn’t have to be!

Youngevity is the answer to getting your mind, body and energy all working together for the best you.

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WHY did Ron & I choose YOUNGEVITY over other companies??

It is…and always has been…our goal to educate and empower people to reach their highest potential for living well in mind, in body and in spirit…based upon Biblical principles.

As each and every person well knows, the number of companies making health claims is mind-boggling and can feel absolutely overwhelming. How do you know which one to choose?

The standard by which Ron and I select the company(s) we will use personally and professionally follows:

  1. Is the company well established.
  2. Is the company financially solvent and growing.
  3. Does the company have scientific foundations to support it claims.
  4. Does the company involve a non-related, third party to evaluate the quality of its products on an on-going, random basis.
  5. Does its founder have his research concerning nutrition and disease preserved in the most prestigious museum in the United States, The Smithsonian Institute?
  6. Has its founder received top recognition for his work and influence within the realm of natural health and our rights of choice, from outstanding organizations such as the Alliance of Natural Health and the United Nations?
  7. Has its founder successfully led nine (yes, that’s correct–nine!) lawsuits against the FDA…and WON??
  8. Has its founder sold more books, Dead Doctors Don’t Lie, than Michael Jackson’s, Thriller?
  9. Do the products work? (YES! As personally proven in our lives & in the hundreds upon hundreds of testimonies of those who rely on Youngevity for health & wellness also!)

The answer to all of the above…concerning Youngevity & Dr. Joel Wallach (founder of Youngevity)…is a resounding YES!

Those are a few of the reasons Ron & I chose Youngevity over all the rest!

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